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There is an airport bus for all flights, tickets can be bought on board. The buses are scheduled to coincide with each flight arrival and departure at Longyearbyen. 

We have arranged free bus transport from/to Nybyen each morning and evening for those staying further out (e.g., Coal Miners Cabin, Gjestehust 102). The times for this are included in the schedule.

Visiting Svalbard

It is still winter in Svalbard. Average temperature in start of May is well below freezing, check the forecast before you come. Bring suitable clothing. A good guideline is that outdoor gear should be windproof and woolen layers are much recommended. Good footwear is also essential.

Please note that the local custom is to remove outdoor shoes when entering a public building (such as UNIS) in Longyearbyen. Thus, we recommend bringing indoor shoes or slippers. 

Longyearbyen is a safe environment, but you should not leave the town without proper equipment and skills to use them. Polar bear encounters happen every year in the vicinity of Longyearbyen. If you want to go out of town, book a tour with one of the several tour operators in town.

Cash is virtually not used in Longyearbyen. Not all businesses even accept cash anymore. However, all of them do accept credit and debit cards.

Map and information about Longyearbyen, including the boundary of where polar bear protection is required

Internet: UNIS use Eduroam. For those without Eduroam, there is a guest network which can be accessed.